Punta Cana Wedding Venues

So you have decided to choose the Dominican Republic’s most beautiful locations, Punta Cana for your special day. Punta Cana is popular for hosting a wide variety of different ceremonies, all as beautiful as each other. But what makes Punta Cana Venues so attractive to couples looking to wed?

Punta Cana’s is home to some of the most beautiful and flawless beaches within the Dominican Republic, with a warm, aqua blue ocean plus bright blue, cloudless skies, and what better way to celebrate your love with your significant other than the tranquility and beauty of a caribbean island as a backdrop.

With so many different hotels and venues situated in Punta Cana it may be hard to choose which may be best suited to you and your guests needs. This is way we have picked four of our favourites in a bid to make choosing far easier:

Huracan Cafe

Huracan Cafe is known for being an exquisitely high end restaurant and perfect for those who wish to enjoy international music and traditional Italian cuisine. Huracan Cafe comes with a traditional thatched-roof palapa, plus beautiful chandeliers that sit above a wooden deck within the sand shelters. The venue also offers couples a fantastic wedding experience with a wide range of unique and personalized services to make your wedding day special.


Official Website: Huracan Cafe on Facebook

Contact: +1 (809) 552-1046

Jellyfish Restaurant

Jellyfish is known for its beautifully distinctive architecture and a unhindered track record of providing high quality service that is second to none. Jellyfish is Punta Cana’s outstanding beach club, which is influenced by natural materials such as stone, wood, and palm thatched roofs which help to form a two-story exotic structure that houses Jellyfish’s restaurant and a lounge with breathtaking panoramic views of the entire beach.

Jellyfish is unarguably situated on one of the most beautiful beaches in the local area with spectacular views and backdrops, which are perfect for your special day.

Official Website:
Jellyfish Restaurant
Email: jellyfishrestaurant@gmail.com
Reservations: +1 (809) 840-7684
Administration: +1 (809) 868-3040

Kukua Restaurant

Kukua seems like it has been pulled directly from a movie screen, with its stunning views and location. Kukua takes great care and pride into planning your dream event and promise to do anything and everything they can to make your special day exactly how you pictured it without any hassle. Your wedding can easily be fully customized plus there are plenty of upgrades to choose from.

Weddings can be hosted on Kukua’s beautiful palm-lined beach or during the sunset at their private pool area or even their covered terrace with breathtaking ocean views. They are even able to cater for after parties under the night sky with their beach front pool. Kukua promises that your life together as husband and wife will be a fairy tale from the beginning.

Official Website:
Kukua Punta Cana on Facebook
Contact: +1 (829) 943-8118

La Barcaza Event Boat

La Barcaza specializes in organizing the perfect day for your wedding in Punta Cana. La Barcaza differs from most venues in Punta Cana, as their offer a fantastic service and a unique alternative to the traditional Punta Cana wedding. A wedding boat! Why not host your wedding on La Barcaza’s speciality boat to make your wedding a day to remember?

Official Website: La Barcaza Event Boat

Email: info@weddingboatpuntacana.com

Contact: +1 (849) 205-1986